Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're having a heat wave...

OMG it is hot here! Got to something like 33C today (around 90) which for a day in a nice AC room (which I do not have) wouldn't be bad but it wasn't so great for sightseeing. Thank goodness for sunscreen and lots of it!

So my hotel breakfast here in Tallinn turns out to be almost not worth going into the room for (flimsy white bread and ham sandwich and warm yogurt and not very good coffee... thanks but no thanks). So I went out and got some provisions and ended up with a nice little feast...luckily I have a little fridge to put it into!

fridge tallin


So my morning snack was a piece of great brown bread, soft goat cheese, smoked salmon:


And later I found one of the medieval eating establishments open for early coffee (9 am is early here... not many places open for what we would consider breakfast) and I got a savory meat pie (like a turnover) and coffee.


I need to get another one tomorrow and get a better picture of it -- the one I took did not turn out at all.

So I spent a lot of the morning walking around the old medieval part of Tallinn. I have to get my photos onto Flickr so here are just a few until I upload more.

The gate into old town:

old town gate

And right across the street:


And one of the places I had wanted to see, the Katarina's Gild Bookbinder and leather works shop:

tallin bkbinders

tallin bkbinder2

I am so glad I have good walking shoes! The cobblestones are rough walking otherwise!





I only heard American English one other time today. Heard some British English, a lot of German, some Spanish, Estonian and and a LOT of Russian. Turns out people, even young people still speak a lot of Russian here. I would have thought only old people would speak Russian but also the young ones do too. Of course there were other visitors from Finland and Scandinavian countries, and only a couple of Chinese that I heard. No Japanese today. Anyway I am having a ball with all the languages and sights and food! My kind of holiday!! More soon...


  1. Medieval McDonald's? What does the sign say, "Over 12 Served"?

  2. Sure looked that way -- maybe it gets busy with the teen crowd later but every time I have passed by it looked pretty empty! And they wouldn't let me take pictures inside! Probably thought I was a spy for Medieval Burgher King?


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