Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bear meat anyone?

Well they happened to be out of it the other day when I went, but I was curious... apparently Estonian and Russian cuisine does include bear meat, as well as elk, wild boar and other game meats. I have had elk and wild boar (both yummy, but then I am a major carnivore)... yet to try bear. I had the first one on the pelmeni menu -- these are Russian dumplings that we actually eat often at home (get them frozen from any Russian food store, many varieties now -- my favorite is the pork/beef combo). For the bear, check out the 4th listing.


It was a cute serving. Came in a ceramic jug with 3 different sauces (sour cream/dill, garlic sour cream, and a mustard sauce that I didn't care for with the pelmeni - would have been better with corned beef!).


This is what they are if you don't know -- a sort of dumpling/ravioli in a chicken broth. The broth didn't have much flavor but I usually don't get them with it when I have them in a restaurant in San Francisco. Always with the sour cream and dill however! Yummy!!


This was the restaurant.


They also have a webpage with all their mouth watering dishes (click the English button at the top).

I actually have some photos of sights too -- I am not really just eating my way through the Baltics although you would not know that by my postings! More soon!


  1. Nice photos, as always. Also saw you made it into a science classroom eh? Is school in session over there now? Like the pose with the skeleton. :-)

  2. Yeah a sort of busman's holiday isn't it? lol


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