Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been in a slump...

But I think it is behind me now.

And I blame it all on the mangoes.
Even though I know it is not the mango's fault.
But it is always nice easier to have something else besides oneself to blame anything on.

So about 6 weeks ago I went on this mango eating craze -- maybe longer than that. Suddenly I could not get enough mango!

First it was Trader Joe's unsweetened dried mangoes... Sometimes Raleys cut mango pieces...
Then, I found my main pusher!

The Mexican foods market near my house that had huge luscious ripe mangoes from Brazil. And only $1.39 each!
I was hooked! I was easily eating 1 or more mangoes a day!

And then I started getting headaches.
And muscle aches even though I wasn't exercising.
And I felt lethargic, and angry, and annoyed all the time.
And figured it was just stress from school.
Or maybe the weather changing.
Or caffeine withdrawl.
Or too much caffeine.
Or anything but the *gasp* sugar in the magoes?

So I was talking with one of my co-workers who eats Paleo and she asked what am I eating now that I wasn't before and of course it dawned on me... mangoes!
"So, easy," she said. "Just stop eating them. At least for now. And see what happens."

No duh.

I imagine my food confessional:
- It has been a week since I ate any mango.
- And how do you feel?
- Good. No. I feel great!
- Was it the mango?
- Maybe. Maybe all the sudden sugar in my body from too much mango.
- So what does that teach you?
- A little mango goes a long way?

So, now it's a week later. I started to exercise again. I have more energy to do things around the house.

I did end up having a tiny bit of mango today because I had some chicken mango sausages (Adelle's) that I wanted to use up. There will be a little in my egg muffins this week too but there is not very much mango in those things.

But in the long run, I don't think it was only the mango.

And I may now and then have my favorite salad to go with my slow-cooker carnitas: butter lettuce, avocado and mango slices. But maybe not for a while.