Saturday, May 23, 2020

It's been a bit, hasn't it?

And a lot of things are different...

But I have been thinking about it and I think I want to get back to this blog as a way to just keep track of what's going on.

I already get onto Facebook a lot and I do have a public Instagram account so I haven't been totally out of touch... but I don't write much there and I have a feeling there will be things to write here.

So I need to remember how to do all this and get started... May 23, 2020 already!

See you in a bit.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Deconstructing one project to make another...

Years ago I started taking a class at the old Country Sew store in Elk Grove by the wonderful quilter and wearables artist Connie Horne. Basically it was to make a jacket over a sweatshirt (there are a zillion examples online if you Google it). Anyway part way through I realized I would never wear something that heavy and I quit making it. It languished in my craft/sewing room closet for many years until recently when I did another reclean up of the room. I pulled out the project bag and took another look at what I had done. BAM! The realization came that if I took the basted fabric pieces off the sweatshirt I could actually make a whole other (just cotton) shirt that I would love to wear.

So, according to my word for the year, explore, I decided to explore what I could do.

It was all done with Marcia Derse fabrics which I totally love and was happy to see I had put together more than I had remembered.

It turns out I had the front (above), the back (just that center fabric) and 2 sleeves (below) ready to go.

So now I just have to iron it all out and then figure out what pattern I will use to make a nice blousy top. Excited to finally get working on something with this fabric!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Finally... Word for 2019

Last year I thought about the word LEARNING but that didn't seem to fully encompass what I wanted for this year. So, in my usual fashion, I let it drift until something better found me.

Then I went to Japan (check my INSTAGRAM for those photos since I didn't manage to write any blogs about that trip), came back, was sick for most of February (bronchitis from Japan, then a crazy upset of GERD and asthma problems which sort of sucked the life out of me for a couple of weeks). Recovering now and have been thinking about this word thing...

And the one that I throw out and keeps coming back is... EXPLORE.

I went to Japan in January to explore doing indigo and shibori dyeing on Shikoku as well as to go to the big International Quilt Show. Upon my return I have been exploring how to do some things in/with my life, including getting back to some massive clean ups and the old WTF am I doing with myself in retirement. It will be 5 years in May now!

And then I see posts from new places to check out in my area and I just want to go there... so it just seemed a fait accompli that my word for the year would be EXPLORE.

And the flowers? One of my intentions for this year is to get back to my garden. Andy has the veggies and herbs part pretty taken care of, but I need more flowers in my life. So we went to Green Acres the other day and got some flowers... and now it has not stopped raining enough to get anything planted! Stay tuned for this one...

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thinking about 2019...

Well 2018 came and went without a whole lot of documentation here as I had planned. And I only got about half the sewing done, and... yahda yahda. I guess about the only things I got done were in the music category: got a new guitar, got an amp to use in the folk guitar group when we play at the senior center, and started taking guitar lessons at Kline's.

So the other day my cousin asked me what my word for 2019 was going to be and I realized I had barely thought of that (all year even). This year was "follow-through" which I sorta didn't do much of...  so not sure where I stand for a word for next year.

And the last couple weeks I have had a cold, which meant a lot of even more down time than normal. I spent a lot of it in bed watching You Tube videos, at first about Japan then I found myself leaning towards to the community of polyglots that has made videos. I was watching one of them being interviewed and when she was asked what her hobbies were she said without hesitation, "learning new languages"... and BAM! I had a realization!

MY hobby is also learning languages! I always thought of languages to be a means to an end (travel) but today I realized I just like learning languages for learning sake too!

Over the years I have dabbled in French (marginally passable), Japanese (ok for daily conversation and travel), Italian (mostly forgotten but was ok when in Italy 9 years ago), German (way too long ago and all I remember is ich habe meine Uhr vergessen - I forgot my watch, which is a strange thing to remember I know!),  Spanish (mostly forgotten even though this city would give me a lot of opportunity if I want to relearn it), Russian (mostly in college years ago but now and then I try to relearn it here in Sac.), and when I travel I tend to easily pick up some basics (please, thank you, where's the bathroom, etc.). I don't consider myself a polyglot as I am not still conversational in all those languages but it could happen... and Sacramento has so many other languages that if I really wanted to I could add more... got me thinking...

I wonder if there is some way to incorporate my word for the year with my desire to learn languages and keep learning things? I guess I could make it just "learning" but I wonder if there is another way to express it? Thinking about it with more purpose now, stay tuned!

Off to my guitar lesson now!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Going to Japan in January...

I may have mentioned it before but if not, I am going back to Japan in January for another visit. Yes it will be cold in January, but nothing I haven't experienced before.

This time I plan to go to Tokushima (on Shikuko) for some indigo dyeing (aizome) experiences, then to Kyoto for more shibori, then on to Tokyo to go to the (huge) famous Tokyo International Quilt Show and some amazing fabric shops. I have wanted to go to the quilt show for many years and I finally decided to just do it! It is held at the Tokyo Dome (a baseball stadium) and is so large that everyone suggests going for 2 days! I can't wait.  And of course between all this, shopping for fabrics and cute sewing/stationary things and eating!!

I also look forward to getting another goshuincho (the book for the red temple and shrine stamps as seen above) and going to a lot of temples and shrines I have not yet been to. Out of thousands in Japan, finding 20 or so to fill my book will be easy!

If you have been to the Tokyo quilt show, please tell me how it was for you in the comments below!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Enough already! Sit down and sew...

Let's face it. I have a ton of fabric! Quilting fabric, garment sewing fabric, weird "what can I do with this?" fabric... I got fabric!! And I have been lazy in this summer hear (well ok, I'm always lazy, just using summer heat as my excuse) and haven't been keeping to the #MakeNine plan. I have only made 2 pieces of clothing and 5 other (computer bags for my sister and BIL and 2 vinyl front bags for my niece and nephew, shopping bag for my cousin) this year. Not sure if I ever posted pics of the bags so here they are...

So I woke up this morning with renewed sewing energy. Cleared off my desk first so I could type this and now will go clear off my rather messy cutting table and get to picking out a pattern! Oy! I do have a fair number of patterns to choose from but I want to make a light summery top I think first. Off to brave the mess...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

RIP Phoebe 2004 - 2018

Goodbye Phoebe, sweet cat. We had to say good bye to you today. Thank you so much for finding us and choosing us to be your human family for the short 14 years you were with us. You will be missed.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Old stuff...

Things I had meant to mention in past blogs or just never got around to posting... a look back at the last few months.

A couple of months ago THIS appeared down the street from me.

I had heard of them in other neighborhoods and was happy to see one appear in mine. It is still there and yet undamaged, a couple of months later! I already brought a few books I no longer wanted and left them there. Maybe I will go walk down and take another look to see what is there today.

And I think I had talked about this being one of my projects to help my sewing. I had measurements here and there but nothing very recent so I made an Excel chart for myself with all the sewing measurements I could think of.

Maybe down the line some pattern will have another measurement to add but I think this will help me figure out my pattern size and adjustments well for now.

Of course if I eat too many of these luscious French pastries from a new bakery here in Sacramento I will have to take new measurements!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Multi-faceted Sunday...

It was a busy week at Lake Rhonda...

Little bits of a lot of things...

Found a pattern for my Hawaiian shirt. Got matching thread, now to get sewing!

A few weeks ago I had my old (like from when I was in High School old) guitar restrung with the intention of playing it again. I even went out and got a guitar stand so I could have it out and handy for practicing! Last week I finally went to the ACC Monday night guitar group and had so much fun! So now I have two instruments to practice!

A couple of weeks ago I also started a Japanese calligraphy class at the Belle Cooledge Community Center not too far from my house. I got there a little early and one of the older women who was setting up came up to me and asked "Are you here for calligraphy?"
"Yes" I replied and she gave me a funny look.
"It's Japanese calligraphy you know" she said.
And to either put her at ease or throw her for a loop I answered. "Daijobu desu". (that's ok)
She started for a second then replied back to me in Japanese and we chatted for a couple of minutes in Japanese. Then she put her arm around me, laughed and said "You'll do fine in here then!". When she introduced me to the teacher a few moments later she told the above story and we all had a good laugh.
Then I was immersed into 2 hours of Japanese and learning beginning steps of calligraphy all at once. My head felt like it would burst but I was so happy? I hadn't spoken that much Japanese since my trip last year!

Last week I decided to try the pen version instead of the large brush and because it is better for kanji (character) practice, I will do that style first for a while.

And I decided to relearn Japanese kanji on my own again. I gave myself a little pretest to see how many of the 1st grade kanji I could remember (I used to know all the 1st and 2nd grade ones, oh 35 or so years ago!). The red is what I didn't remember! But as soon as I wrote them again, some I remembered easily, others I had totally forgotten. Will be an interesting study this time around!

Like I said it was a busy week here! Oh and I started an exercise class also at ACC before my Japanese class on Mondays. Had to have Andy go out into the garage to find my old light weights to bring to class next time. I am so weak! I watched the 80 year old ladies do the exercises sets with no problem and I was huffing and puffing! Yeesh!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Trying to find a pattern...

Years ago it was easy to find a camp shirt pattern, you know, the easy to make comfy short sleeve shirt that is great for summers. Now, for women's patterns anyway, so hard to find -- must be out of fashion! Like I care! So I will have to go to JoAnn's and scour the pattern books to find one so I can make an aloha shirt out of the purple fabric for the CCC Ukulele group when we do a gig.

Ok that sounds way too professional -- we just play around at residential homes and a few other shows, like last week's ACC Big Day of Giving performance. There are some seriously good musicians and singers in the group then there are a few of us (me for sure) who just like to hang out in the back and strum. I am a total uke newbie -- just started it last year, but it is so much fun! You can see me hiding in the back by the window! LOL

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Down to the wire...

Remember how I was going to make one garment for me each month in the #MakeNine2018 challenge?

Well I finally made it!

Decided to copy a tshirt I really liked, dolman (as opposed to set-in sleeves), loose fitting. So I had found this jersey at the little fabric shop near me (Hi-Fashion, link in the tab above) and decided to try using it. This was the first jersey I had sewn in a garment for myself (or at least in recent memory) so it was a little bit of a learning curve.

But I got to use both the serger and my regular machine for it (although it wasn't til I was done that I remembered I hadn't put in a stretch needle! Yikes!).

And it turned out pretty well I think for a first try:

All the hems are folded over hems, no neck facing so it was pretty easy. So now I have 2 tops, one a month in my new #MakeNine2018 challenge for myself!

If any of my old sewing pals are reading, feel free to post a photo of what you have been sewing in the comments below!

So here is the #MakeNine2018 tally so far:

1.             Scout Tee -- MADE. March 2018.
2.             Purple fabric Hawaiian top (for the CCC Ukulele group)
3.             Knit tee shirt -- MADE. April 2018.
4.             Sun Dress
5.             Shorts
6.             Long pants lounge wear (for around the house)
7.             Knit Top with ruched sides or sleeves
8.             Vest with separating zipper
9.             Woven fabric Shirt with buttonholes and buttons.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Saying goodbye to old shirts...

I have a lot of shirts in my closet. And I wear many of them but there have been a small group off to the side that I have not fit into or worn for many years and today I decided to purge my closet of them.

As you can see they are mostly Hawaiian shirts and have been over the years some of my favorites. But most of them don't fit any more (how did that happen I wonder as I eat another piece of pie), and one of them was always way too big and just looks silly on.

So I decided to pull them out of the closet this afternoon. I tried each one on again (just to be sure I hadn't suddenly shrunk and they would fit again) and then put them into a bag to deliver over to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services organization where I drop off all my old/used clothing. I feel it is better to take things to a local place where I know the items will go out to those in need.

Goodbye old shirts...
Hello room in my closet now for the shirts I will be making this year!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Added to pages (above)...

For reference, added the following info to the tab LOCAL FABRIC STORES:

Stores near me that have apparel fabrics:

Mihn Phat   M-Sa 9-6, Su 10-6   (916) 391-2288
6428 Stockton Blvd. at 47th Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95823

Hi-Fashion Fabrics  M-Sa 9:30-6, closed Su.   (916) 451-5648
4106 Franklin Blvd  (couple blocks south of Sutterville)
Sacramento, CA 95820

World Class Textiles  Su-F 10 - 7, Sat 10 - 5   (916) 455-4040
4701 Franklin Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95820

Stores near me that are primarily quilt shops:

Other fabric/craft stores near me:

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Getting organized and sewing...

Aside from being in a teeny tiny room to sew, I have way too much stuff underfoot which makes it difficult to move around. We recently put in a wider ironing board too which narrows the space to come into the room. I have been pouring over Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on how to reorganize my small space. Slowly but surely...

On another note, a couple of weeks ago I finally started making the pillows for the new grey sofa we got. We had gone to Berkeley to Stonemountain and Daughter and Bay Quilts where I found some delicious Japanese fabrics, some for clothing and some for making pillows. Then at IKEA we found pillow inserts so I just had to start sewing!

More to come with those!

Then last week I went to one of the small Asian fabric shops near me, Mihn Phat Fabrics, and found these lovelies! The middle one is jersey and the other 2 are a cotton/poly that feels and drapes like rayon. Cheap too! $4 or $5 a yard for 54-60 inch widths!

I have started making that same Scout Tee top (from last post) in the right hand fabric. This time I am making the sleeves more open/flouncy and the whole top a little longer.

Then yesterday we had to go to the Roseville Costco so I could get glasses frames for my new prescription. The Costco near me didn't have any small enough. Apparently I have a small head with eyes closer together so I need a size 49 frame. Anyway, since we were going to Roseville anyway, we also went to a Wearable Art pop-up shop that was being held in the Lincoln Public Library. I found this cute bag which had been a class sample for one of the talented women in the group (Mary Boalt). Picked it up for $7. The style is awkward so I won't probably use it much but since I had been wanting to paint and mark on cloth more, it gives me a lot of ideas on ways to paint on canvas then make it into something. Next week I will be at my art friend Leslie's house and we are going to play with painting on canvas. Nice inspiration!

If any of my old artsy readers are still around, I would love to hear what projects you have been working on lately! Feel free to leave a comment/photo in the comments section below!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hashtags and sewing...

Talk about Full Circle... when I was very young I used to make doll clothes at my grandmother's house (I think I grew out of that one quickly), and then in junior high and high school made a lot of my own clothes. A purple mini-shirt and a brown velvet maxi-shirt come to mind immediately although I know there was other stuff I sewed back then as well. Just cannot remember anymore!

Then, a few years ago, and I decided to start making my own clothes.


I posted about the washi top HERE. I have worn that top several times and am happy when people compliment me on it. But then time passed and I didn't sew much else (aside from a little quilting and home stuff like placemats).

Flash forward to now and I have rediscovered not only my excitement about wanting to sew but also how motivating a few YouTube and Blog challenges can be! Enter the hashtag! While watching some random YouTube video about sewing, the idea of #2018MakeNine (also labeled as #MakeNine2018 in some blogs or videos so I am just using both) came up. Again. Then again. So I looked into it and discovered a whole world of people determined to make their own clothes this year.

I searched YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram... all with those hashtags and found all sorts of ideas, explanations, and some cool clothes people were making. I decided to jump onto the not too fast moving train and just start in, even though at the time it was mid-March. But luckily, making 9 items within a year's time was still easily do-able.

One of the things people were doing however that I had not done was to plan ahead. What were they going to make in their Make Nine? So I spent some time this weekend thinking about it and came up with two ways to think about it. I have a list of the 9 items I want to make and along the way, came up with Ten Techniques that I want to re-learn or learn for the first time. A lot of sewing for me is review because way back when (teens and 20s) I learned how to do most things, but then just let it all go. So I am finding once I review a technique it comes back to me easily.

I still do not have specific patterns attached to my list of Make Nine but at least I know what I want to make. Here is my list of #2018MakeNine more or less in the order I want to make them:

  1. Scout Tee -- MADE, photo below!
  2. Purple fabric Hawaiian top (no specific pattern, just what I want -- for the CCC Ukulele group)
  3. Knit tee shirt
  4. Sun Dress
  5. Shorts
  6. Long pants lounge wear (for around the house)
  7. Knit Top with ruched sides or sleeves
  8. Vest with separating zipper
  9. Woven fabric Shirt with buttonholes and buttons.

This is the Scout Tee top I made for my first #2018MakeNine.

Here are the sewing techniques I want to work on this year:

  1. Sewing in a knit facing (round collar)
  2. Sewing a knit V-neck
  3. Sewing a woven fabric V-neck
  4. Fancy seams: French seams, Hong Kong seams, Flat fell seams
  5. Using the twin needle for top-stitching
  6. Sewing darts
  7. Ruching (gathering)
  8. Making buttonholes
  9. Sewing a blind hem on both sewing machine and serger
  10. Using zippers in clothing: separating, invisible, pants closures.

I am sure more will be added to that list as I stumble upon something new!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Word for 2018...

It didn't come easily this year.

For starters, I looked back to 2017 and realized I really had not focused much of my life around my word for the year or my CDFs... HERE is the explanation for all that.

Time to refocus and get an idea of what might work for me in 2018.

So I started making lists of possible words: change, observe, finish, regroup, see any pattern here?

My husband suggested ENGAGE complete with GIF of Picard from ST:TNG but cute as that was, it isn't the engagement (or starting) part that stops me... it is the continuing part.

Then it came to me... just like you have to complete a swing in baseball or golf, or keep the pool cue going in pool... you need follow-through. I don't completely understand why in sports but I see it is a major part of what I lack in projects getting done.


I never have a problem getting excited about the start of a project but often once that initial energy wans, I am left with yet another unfinished project. Part of my intentions for this year is to get things done, finish projects...

So a few days late this year, but I have found my word: FOLLOW-THROUGH.

And, in keeping with what I have been doing for the last few years, I came up with some Core Desired Feelings (CDFs). These are also explained on the link above from last year.

My CDFs are once again repeats with a couple of changes:
In 2018 I will be:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Getting ready for 2018

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to planting more daffodil and narcissus bulbs. These flowers were from a couple of years ago. I had 2 big planters that were screaming for some flowers and I happened to be at a home improvement shop that had bulbs, so I bought some more. Not sure if it was too late to plant them or not but we shall see...

And now it is almost 2018. Already.
Yes, I know, where did the last year go? And what did I do last year? Well not a whole lot of anything which is what is bringing me back to this blog. If nothing else, it is/was a way for me to note what I have been doing. Granted I did post a lot on Facebook but this blog is a better way for me to really see what I have been up to, rather than what posts from other people I shared and then tons of travel photos.

WHICH, by the way... are on my Instagram account HERE. I went back to Japan in September last year. Didn't blog about it but posted a ton of photos on my Insta.

So now what?  Well, it is nearly time for me to choose my word for the year again.

Last year I wrote a rather introspective blogpost (HERE) and explained all that went behind the word for the year. I don't have so much to say this year (although we did get the living room cleaned up, bought a sofa, and started making it a comfy room again...

ok I guess that is a lot to say)... but about the word, I am not sure what is speaking to me now at the end of the year.

Good thing I have a couple more days to think about it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Been to Hawaii and Oregon and didn't blog... hmmm...

I ended up just putting photos on my Instagram and in FB for these trips. Blogging from my phone was too awkward (small) ... there must be an easier way.
So here are a few of my favorite photos from Hawaii...

I do want to find a way since I am going to Japan in September and would like it to be easy to post photos from there.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Garden flowers and a test from my phone...

Getting ready for a couple of weeks in Hawaii and thought I might post some photos from there on my blog so testing how to do it from my phone again. Had to edit from the tablet cause I couldn't figure out how to add info from the phone. Gotta relearn how to blog while I travel!

A couple of photos from my garden as I test it out again.

Irises blooming after Andy moved them away from the roses. 

A hidden strawberry in one of my forgotten containers.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

An Alton Brown sort of day...

Ok let's face it, we are both Alton Brown's Good Eats junkies! We love the shows, sad that it is no longer being made but thank goodness for reruns! So yesterday it was a little rainy and just the right weather to bring out one of my Christmas presents ...

I gave Andy the book and salt cellar (just like AB uses of course) and he gave me the burr coffee grinder and the popovers tray.

So can you guess which one I used?

Yep! Made popovers! First time in ages!! And maybe the first time with a "proper" popover baking tray!  Used the AB recipe and they turned out great!

I haven't used the burr grinder yet because I was not out of coffee last week, but now I almost am. We got some good beans (Brazilian) from Chocolate Fish the other day, where I might add, Andy had the best mocha he said he has ever had! So I will test out the grinder in a day or two.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of 2016 and the word of the year for 2017...

For many 2016 was not a good year because of events that happened externally. With all the negative posts online (by others) about this tumultuous year, I decided to see what had been good about it for me and attempt to find a smooth way to transition into the New Year.

What I did that I am happy about in 2016:
  • We made a little progress in the house: living room bookshelves, second fridge, new bed. I also purged some of the clothes I don't wear (although I think I still have a lot of clothes, probably need to do it again next year). I did more with the bookshelves, purging a lot of my old books that do not serve me anymore and donating them to the library for the Friends of the Library sales. 
  • I was fairly steady in my yoga practice this year, getting more consistent as the year wore on.
  • Rearranged my sewing room to make it more efficient for me for when I eventually sew more (see below LOL).
  • Stayed in relative good health for the year. I seem to have weathered a health situation that may get worse in the future but for now, I am healthy. 
  • I was more aware of staying positive and being grateful for situations and things. For example, when our old washing machine died as I started a load, I was grateful that I had the means to just go out and get a new one. And I think what helps me is when I share my gratitude about things, either out loud or online (here or FB mostly).
What could still use improvement from 2016: (just noticing, not getting down on myself cause we all know how that doesn't work!)
  • Well I do still have a mountain of fabric that I could have been sewing on. Luckily fabric doesn't spoil and I can carry that over to 2017.
  • There is still a ton more work to do in the house to make it comfy and so that I can feel like it is a home to be able to invite friends over to. I think my immediate goals now that the bedroom stuff is redone has to be the living room. We both still have a lot of stuff to go through. 
  • I got lazy about my better eating habits towards the end part of 2016 and ate more breads and sugar sweets than I might have liked. That too is easily fixed in the new year.
  • My walking plan sort of petered out. Time to get that started up again for 2017. Where IS that Fitbit I wonder?
  • Not as many blog posts happened last year as I had intended. I want to use this blog in the coming year to log some of my own personal growth and achievements. I saw a blog post once with the title something like "What if you write a blog and no one reads it?" Well, for me, that is just fine. I am writing for myself and if someone else happens to read it along the way, all the better. 
  • I sort of forgot my word for the year for 2016 (BE) and my CDF's (core desired feelings). Around November I remembered them again and decided I would find a way in the new year to integrate them more into my life on a consistent basis.
So this brings me to what my word for 2017 will be. Last post I wrote of some suggestions and why I might choose them. I decided as much as I did want to look outward for many things this coming year (volunteering or making things for donations), I still needed to be a bit introspective as well... so the word I chose is:


Compassion is a great word for what I have been feeling. I can look outward and help others/be compassionate towards others, and yet I can still show compassion for myself and make the things I am working on for myself happen without being mean or negative towards myself.

Intentions, not resolutions. I stopped making New Year's Resolutions years ago. Instead I went towards what my Intentions for the new year would be. Then I stumbled upon the Core Desired Feelings and that resonated with me even more.

Core Desired Feelings. According to Danielle LaPorte, the core desired feelings (CDFs) are how you want to feel in these 5 categories:  Livelihood & Lifestyle, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, and Essence & Spirituality.

As for my CDF's, I kept a few from last year and changed some. Mine for 2017 are:
  • uncluttered
  • open
  • mindful (intentional)
  • helpful
  • connected

Today I will be working my way into the new year with a 2 hour yin yoga session at Shala Yoga. I still attend It's All Yoga and consider it to be my "home" studio, but I am finding some other teachers in other studios as well who lead classes in the slow, more introspective styles of yoga that I enjoy. For a while I fought going to any other studio, wondering if it was disloyal or whatever, then after some thought realized that it was just fine. Finding classes that work for me in my yogic pursuits are a good thing. And once I opened to that thinking, I think I was more accepting to finding my own yoga path and helping myself grow in whatever ways served me.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Thinking about 2017...

Like so many people I chose a word for the year. This word is my focus for things I want to do or change in the year. This is my fifth year doing this and it is still a work in progress for me.
My first word in 2013 was RELEASE, written about HERE
The next year I chose BREATHE, noted HERE.
My 2015 word was OPEN, which I wrote about HERE.
Last year I chose BE, explained HERE.
It has been interesting to me how one word has led to the next. And it is no different for my new word. I have been thinking long and hard about what sort of word I want to "guide" me for the coming year. Several factors came to mind when deciding what kind of word to choose:  

  1. I have now been retired since June 1, 2014. That is 2 and a half years already! I'd be hard pressed to be able to tell you where all that time went! What am I doing with my time? What more can I do? What can I do to be of help to someone?
  2. The last 4 words have been about me, looking inward, helping myself. There is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people use these yearly words to help themselves. But it has been in my mind that this time I want to look outward, that my own personal growth and well being also comes from helping other people. 
  3. I wanted to find a word that would help me get out in the community and be more active in a more social way. As I get older I am more and more aware of the problems some old people have with dealing with the world so maybe I can find something to do/volunteer at that would be of help.
So, I am still looking for the right word. I am making a big list and will continue to mull over them until one just waves and tells me it is my right word.  Here are some of the words I am thinking about. 

Words so far:  outward, contribute, help, support, change, give, service, expand, unite, connect, share, offer, return, expand, generosity, kindness, compassion, unselfishness, benevolence, altruism, community.

Please feel free to add any others if you happen to think of one!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On....

Someone (sorry not sure of original source) posted this on Facebook and it seemed to sum up what I was thinking today...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Journey

Another Mary Oliver poem has popped into my life several times in the last weeks ...

The Journey
by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice--
though the whole house
began to tremble
and you felt the old tug
at your ankles.
"Mend my life!"
each voice cried.
But you didn't stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried
with its stiff fingers
at the very foundations,
though their melancholy
was terrible.
It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen
branches and stones.
But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do--
determined to save
the only life you could save.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


It has been raining softly here for the last few days, a little in the morning, more vigorously at night... today, Sunday, there has been a gentle rain all morning.  And man oh man my sinuses are happy for it! You see, I have those sinuses that clog up when there is a hint of low pressure and until it actually is released (rains), I have headaches and what I call "Charlie Brown head" (swollen and feels too large for my body). Today I am fine, no more headache and I can breathe! I love the rain!