Monday, December 19, 2016

Thinking about 2017...

Like so many people I chose a word for the year. This word is my focus for things I want to do or change in the year. This is my fifth year doing this and it is still a work in progress for me.
My first word in 2013 was RELEASE, written about HERE
The next year I chose BREATHE, noted HERE.
My 2015 word was OPEN, which I wrote about HERE.
Last year I chose BE, explained HERE.
It has been interesting to me how one word has led to the next. And it is no different for my new word. I have been thinking long and hard about what sort of word I want to "guide" me for the coming year. Several factors came to mind when deciding what kind of word to choose:  

  1. I have now been retired since June 1, 2014. That is 2 and a half years already! I'd be hard pressed to be able to tell you where all that time went! What am I doing with my time? What more can I do? What can I do to be of help to someone?
  2. The last 4 words have been about me, looking inward, helping myself. There is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people use these yearly words to help themselves. But it has been in my mind that this time I want to look outward, that my own personal growth and well being also comes from helping other people. 
  3. I wanted to find a word that would help me get out in the community and be more active in a more social way. As I get older I am more and more aware of the problems some old people have with dealing with the world so maybe I can find something to do/volunteer at that would be of help.
So, I am still looking for the right word. I am making a big list and will continue to mull over them until one just waves and tells me it is my right word.  Here are some of the words I am thinking about. 

Words so far:  outward, contribute, help, support, change, give, service, expand, unite, connect, share, offer, return, expand, generosity, kindness, compassion, unselfishness, benevolence, altruism, community.

Please feel free to add any others if you happen to think of one!


  1. The good thing about a blog, especially at our age, is that it helps you remember the words you chose! I can't even remember what word I chose last year, although I was happy with it at the time. I'm waiting for the universe to deliver the word for 2017..... Kathryn

    1. I wait but I also nudge it along a little with some choices! LOL I may have found it though. I awoke with one that seems to fit best, from the list above actually... Will share soon!


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