Friday, June 17, 2011

Look up!

The often quoted answer to the question "Where are the Art Nouveau buildings in Riga?" is "Just look up!"


Sure enough... that is what I did for a couple of hours this morning... and this is a little of what I saw:

art nouveau1




Unfortunately a lot of the great building views are obscured by wires -- wires to the buildings, tram wires, etc.


And the interesting thing is the only people I saw looking up were the tourists! The people who live there just go along their way, walking quickly and purposefully (and bumping into you if you don't watch out -- not to be mean but you are just in the way and they have places to go!)... and it seemed the only people looking up were me and several German tour groups!

tour groups

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  1. Where ARE the Art Nouveau buildings in Riga?


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