Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busman's holiday and the Estonian Open Air Museum...

Yesterday as I was walking from the trolley stop at Rocca al Mare shopping plaza to get to the Estonian Open Air Museum, I walked past what looked like a school.


A few kids were leaving then I saw a woman coming down the path near me so I asked her if it was a school. She said yes, and that she was an English teacher. I told her I was a teacher in the States and it turns out she also taught the equivalent of 7th grade. Then she told me it was just starting to be their summer vacation, that school ended about an hour ago but would I like to see the school? Sure, why not! It looked beautiful!


So she showed me around and we met up with another teacher who happened to be one of the science teachers. He led us up to the science rooms, and even though most things were put away for summer it was still a very nice thing to see.


Then we met up with a few other teachers (all English also -- why is it they are the last to leave school anywhere? LOL). She is the English teacher and he is the science teacher.

tallinn teachers

So then they wanted to take a picture of me... oh the skeleton is wearing the school tie that all the kids have to wear for their uniform.


I thought it was very kind of her to take the time to show me around when she was leaving for vacation. This school is a private school that has every age from 7 to high school, around 900 students in all.

Then I continued my walk to the Open Air Museum and went in.


It houses a lot of farms and homesteads from the last couple hundred years all laid out in a coastal forest near Tallinn.



Not only do I like doors, I also like fences:


Lilacs were crazy blooming everywhere:


And a few more photos of the place (more on Flickr)...




The whole area is so beautiful and I managed to get around it before all the tour buses arrived!

I have definitely done more walking here than anywhere so far.

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