Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Friday...

Left Tara's


and went into Central London to the new place (for the last 3 days I wanted to be closer to the British Museum and Library). Got there too early of course so left my bag and wandered around the corner (ok a couple of corners) to the British Museum for a couple of hours (after finding a Starbucks and posting yesterday's post here. Since the British Museum is so tiny (and I have a bridge to sell you!), I had only gotten to a small part in an hour and a half.

The outside through an Outdoor Australian landscape to complement the Australian exhibit inside:


The main entrance hall:


One of hundreds of galleries:


The controversial Parthenon Marbles:


and one of my favorites, the Rosetta Stone:

rosetta stone

Then back to the hotel, checked in, found a Sainsbury's Market where one can at least find a few good things to eat (I really tire of restaurants quickly, especially when I am working on not eating many grains, more about all that another time)...

hotel dinner

hotel dinner2

This was from the day before but I was surprised to actually find a restaurant that served pasture-fed local beef and breadless burgers (without having to ask to hold the bun). It was an absolutely FANTASTIC burger!!




Here is my hotel room, a little larger even though the floors creak and the bed was lumpy (AND there was no WiFi!):


One of the stores (Faulkner's) I was eager to visit which ended up being a block from my hotel:



Just about time to get over to the British Library but first the laundrette story.

When I was at the B&B I needed to do some laundry (her sink was way too small and she didn't have laundry facilities for guests) so I had to take the tube to the next station (Pinner) and use that laundromat (laundrette here).


So I went in and wasn't sure which machine size to use and a lovely older woman (maybe Scottish or at least more countryside UK) advised me which size machine to use, then told me which drier was the hottest and how the soap dispenser gives too much soap.


She also warned me not to put my 20p (pence) coins into the pound slot or I would lose the money and the drier wouldn't work. For someone in London she was very talkative and helpful (contrary to the usual Londoners reserve). It made for a pleasant hour or so to do my washing!

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  1. Cool idea to have benches just below the doors, as wash is always tumbling out....what a great story!

    LOVE the British Museum, now I know I have to see it! Had a scary night last night trying to pick out a hotel thing's for sure, the English know how to complain articulately! Tales of bed bugs and peeling wallpaper, leaky bathrooms.....and at such prices! :)

    What an adventure!


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