Sunday, June 5, 2011

If it's not one thing...

Cue the Rosanne Rosannadanna quote machine ("It just goes to show ya, it's always something")...
First my laptop (netbook) power cord did not appear to be working. So on a rainy Sunday late afternoon I managed to find a street a few blocks from where I was (near the British Museum again) and went over there to see if I could get a new power supply. On the way over I had the brilliant idea that maybe it was just the US-to-UK plug adapter so when I got to the store (which thankfully was open still another 25 minutes) I asked them first about power cord then asked them to just check my power cord with a different plug adapter and sure enough it was not the power cord after all! Whew and a half because it meant the difference of about 70 pounds (around $105).

So I came back to Starbucks, Skyped to Andy for a bit then started up Flickr to upload my photos and get a big warning that my free account is nearly full and that if I want to be able to have all my photos in view I need to pay for the "pro" account. Sigh. I actually don't mind so much (well partly I do but I do not have the patience to deal with another method while I am traveling especially). But then they need my credit card and of course I am not on a secure line at Starbucks and anyway the credit card I use for things like that on the road is locked up back at the hotel anyway.

So, no more photos yet (although I did upload a bunch last night)... I will get that all settled tomorrow while I am waiting for my plane to Estonia... I will post some photos of what I did yesterday and today.

In a nutshell however...
Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library yesterday morning.
Thames Barrier Bridge and park area in the afternoon.

Brick Lane in the morning -- wonderful food and scents -- a world food explosion!
More British Museum this afternoon.
Then the computer power cord fiasco.

And now Starbucks downstairs where the tables with the electrical outlets are is closing in 10 minutes. Oh and it is still raining!

I guess some things are just meant to be done another time!

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  1. I understand that Facebook allows unlimited photo uploads.


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