Monday, June 6, 2011

No WiFi at Gatwick!!

How can an airport not have WiFi? Not even a Starbucks! (And they are all over London)... apparently there USED to be free WiFi hotspots at Gatwick Airport but then they put in a pay for Internet area and there is no longer WiFi. So, nothing got done while I waited for my flight.

But I am now in Estonia and there is a heat wave! It was 30 Celsius today (around 86F which considering the latitude and time of year and that none of the old buildings have AC, is pretty toasty!)

And the hotel's WiFi ended up being non-existent apparently because of the thick (medieval) walls but luckily the woman at the front desk had an extra LAN cable I could borrow for a while to check email, Skype hello to Andy and put a note in here.

I am told Estonia doesn't import vegetables from Germany -- lets hope not because I could really go for a huge salad!

So now I enter the month of Eastern Europe phase of my vacation which I am hoping will yield some interesting photos (and food!)... more soon!


  1. Testing comments using my iPad ...

  2. Ok,starting to feel privileged to live where there is WiFi and 110 everywhere......thanks for that!

  3. I think IE on my work computer is wonky ...

  4. I just posted this using Firefox ... definitely wonky IE at work.

  5. A recent solar flare and your northern latitude may allow you a view of the aurora, if you can stay up late enough.


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