Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Riga...

Riga continues to be a city of contrasts...

more Riga2

more Riga3

Then go on a tram ride out of the main city just a few minutes to see kilometers of this sort of landscape.

more Riga4

Back in town...

more Riga5

And for some reason (pick among many) this exhibit in the Museum of Decorative Arts resonated with me.

art exhibit

I must really miss my own cats since I find myself taking pictures of stray cats on Latvian streets!


This one has a story. HERE is the story.


And I found the beautifully restored Jewish Synagogue in Old Town Riga.


HERE is more information.



There are so many more photos, stories... I just run out of energy to put it all online. I am now in total awe of those who can blog daily with lots of commentary as they travel.

Today again rain in the afternoon weather forecast. I am planning on taking the morning to go to Jurmala, a seaside town right next to Riga. Hope the weather holds!

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  1. Over there, pawn shop is probably a Boris Spassky souvenir vendor.


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