Monday, June 13, 2011

The home of Skype...

How different one airport is from another. I am at the rather small Tallinn airport awaiting my flight to Latvia and not only is the WHOLE airport wired for free WiFi courtesy of Skype, there is a cute Skype pod to use in the waiting area. It was invented here in Estonia after all! I am waiting for the person who is using it to finish then I will try it. It looks like something out of Sleeper or 2001, very cute!

So I have a little while to reflect on the Tallinn leg of the trip while I wait. I still have hundreds of photographs of course which need to get uploaded to Flickr. But what is most in my mind is how friendly the people are here. I hear that the further south one goes in the Baltics there is less outward show of friendliness. And maybe I had some unique experiences (like meeting the teacher and having a tour of her school, or getting to be part of the birthday fun with the young women at the Tallinn hotel reception) but I have always thought that you make your own experiences. You have to be open to what happens and then let yourself take the time to enjoy it.

In a few hours I will be in a different country, trying to wrap my head around another new language and no doubt falling back on my meager Russian... learning new foods (or similar versions of what I have seen so far) and spending my time seeing the sights and seeing how people live in Latvia. I really liked Tallinn and the Estonian people and someday would like to get way out into the countryside and into smaller villages away from the capital. Perhaps I will come back when I plan my trip into Russia in a few years. All in all it was a fun part of the trip and I am so glad I made it part of my vacation.

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