Friday, July 29, 2011

Lovely morning...

I am not a fan of Sacramento's hot summer days. But I DO enjoy the slightly cool sometimes breezy mornings. As usual I got up early and decided to use the oven before the heat set in. I mixed up some mini egg muffins using some of the cooked ground meat (beef and turkey mixture this time) from the freezer and leftover spinach. I wanted to test out my new RED silicone baking cups and made these:

Egg minis

Then I went outside and planted that pretty lantana and a dill plant I got the other day:


The lantana is a trailing kind so I am hoping it trails over the pot while the dill grows in the rest of the pot. I have not had the best luck with dill, not sure why. But we both love it so I am trying again.

Then I had to start thinking about this:

old rosemary

THAT is a very broken, scraggly 20 year old rosemary plant! Yes 20 years old! I planted it soon after getting this house, so actually it may be nearly 23 years old by now. Anyway it is just a mess so I made the decision to take it out and start a new rosemary plant:

new rosemary

Haven't done it yet but I will soon. It may need some deep down digging to get it out. I will worry about it this weekend.

In the meantime, the basil plant Andy planted from Trader Joe's $2.99 plants is doing great!

Andys basil

Guess we need to make some pesto!


  1. You need to post a picture of the red silicone baking thingy.

    TJ's $2.99 basil is the best!!! I checked today, ours does not have goat milk yogurt :-( So I consoled myself and bought goat milk brie :-)

  2. Liz: click on the word RED at the description and it will take you to the Amazon page :)

    I haven't had their goat milk brie yet, will have to try it!


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