Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More London...

Today I went on a few quests...

First I went looking for an obscure CD that Andy wanted which brought me to Oxford Circus area. Decided it was too pricey and didn't get it.

But since I was there I went over to the imaginary site from one of my all time favorite movies...


If you don't know the film, 84 Charing Cross Road is a lovely movie! I also read the book but I loved how Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft portrayed the characters.

Then I went over to a wonderful little shopping enclave...


Oh did I mention it was a bright and colorful shopping square?




And notice if you will it was dry before I went into the shop I mention below and then started raining... an hour later, all clear again! That's London weather!

With one of the greatest herb and oils shop...




And great quotes on a side wall of the yard...


And an incredible cheese shop around the corner...



This photo is for you Andy...


I remember this little square from one of my first trips to London. The rubber stamp store Rubber Blade used to be in here as well. It has since moved over near the British Museum and I visited it as well last month when I was in London the first time.

I hate the large crowds, extreme prices and the annoying tourist noise of a lot of London places, but there are little sections like this (and the garden I already wrote about earlier) that remind me how much I also love this city!


  1. I've been to Neal's Yard and the stamp store!!! It looks *way* cooler now tho ... (jealous)

  2. Oh speaking of Blade Rubber... they didn't really have anything cool enough to get this time around. I have a few of their cute animal set that I use in my classroom but they no longer make that one. Oh well... NOT that I need to buy any more rubber stamps in my lifetime!


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