Friday, July 8, 2011

A tube station, a museum, and an amazing marketplace...

So yesterday ended up being stormy and I gave up all my explorations when I kept getting soaked going from place to place. Plus, I had a sniffle and felt a bit run down. So on the way back from wherever I started, I stopped off at the Marble Arch Underground (Tube) station because I had seen it in passing and wanted to take some photos of the tile work inside...


Most tube stations just have white tile and the traditional red circle with blue station name. This one however, has very elaborate arch tiles along the name plates...



Today I started out, again on a rainy day but determined to get to the Tate Modern Museum to see the huge Miro exhibit. I had seen a lot of his works in Spain already but I really like his work so decided to pay the cost (15.50 pounds, around $24) to see this huge retrospective.


So passing through the other exhibits of Modern Art (unfortunately even though they allowed photos, the rooms tended to be dark and flash was forbidden, so my photos mostly did not turn out)...



To finally get to the Miro exhibit which was wonderful!


So then I walked along the Thames river in the light rain...



until I got to Borough Market...


The most incredible smells of foods cooking and enticing visitors in, along with displays of all sorts of edibles...





Made me really wish I had a proper kitchen this week (I do have a microwave and a fridge in this hotel but that doesn't work for burgers)...


Eventually I gave in and had a lamb kebob on salad for my lunch...


All in all, a wonderful day!


  1. Oh my, London! Only my favorite city in the world. Last time I went I got to go for four weeks and had my own appartment (okay, the appartment was postage stamp size, but still) and it was fantastic!

  2. Caatje: yes I think next time I go I will do that. As it was I stayed somewhere with a microwave and fridge and that helped... but I really missed being able to actually COOK when I was there! I love going grocery shopping in foreign (well different anyway) cities! All the choices we don't see here (in Sacramento anyway).


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