Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday in England...

I got back into the UK on Friday -- flight from Vilnius to Gatwick (via a 2 hour plane change in Riga, Latvia) went ok, but it was the 3 HOURS (yes you read that right) waiting in line to get into the UK that really wiped me out! Apparently there had been a work stoppage (strike) the day before and for some reason it still seemed to be occurring at the airport on Friday and we all had to inch our way up to the Passport Control. It was hot, stuffy and I nearly fainted more than once and I kept asking myself -- why am I here?

But I finally got in, got to my hotel in Croydon (where I had to book for 3 days because I actually had changed my plans and come back to the UK 3 days earlier). Since Wimbledon was going on (they take tennis seriously here!) there was absolutely nothing available in London that I could find (or afford -- rooms as high as $600 a night for the weekend! Ouch!) so I am in a southern suburb for a few days. That is fine though because it will be relatively easy to get into London proper on Monday to my other hotel and in the mean time I get to explore an area I have never been in.

So the rest of Friday I totally vegged out, yesterday I explored Croydon and today is going to be a bright sunny day so I am heading off to Brighton to the beach. I will post photos when I get back in later today.

Then I will be sort of caught up with the blog! (although I think when I get home I will be posting at least more Eastern Europe photos on Flickr even if I don't write about them here)

Home in 10 days!

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