Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hollyhocks and a strange little statue...

I have been coming across the most magnificent batches of hollyhocks this trip!


Hollyhocks have got to be one of my favorite flowers -- great in an old-fashioned (English) country garden. HERE is some info on these gorgeous flowers!


I have grown them in the past but not recently. Now I want to be sure to plant some this fall and have them again next year! Even though they don't smell they are big and showy and last a long while...


So I am pooped from going to museums and wandering around London and this evening after I talked to Andy on Skype, I happened to look out my hotel window as the rain started again and I saw this little guy sitting up on his concrete pillar:

out window2

Look closely -- see him in the middle of the photo?

out window1

What a cool thing to have looking down on the courtyard below! Wonder why he is there?


  1. Hollyhocks make me think of my grandparents' place in Arkansas.....a magical garden!

    Rain! We're toasty here...it's good just to see it! :)

  2. To keep the French mice away?

  3. That's it -- English country gardens are so magical!

    French mice or maybe snarky tourists?


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