Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Transformation begins...

I *LOVE* vacation days like this: up early, coffee and a hearty left-over steak and eggs breakfast, showered and dressed, then out in the garden to start on its transformation and still it is barely 10 am when I come back in to work on the blog... I could REALLY get used to days like this!

So this is a very small part of what I am starting with. This is only the very front of the yard by the house...



So my thinking was, baby steps... one or two square feet to start with... don't try to tackle the whole thing at once.

Before #1:


and around 30 minutes later:


Found a few visitors hiding under the left over foxglove leaves:



So later today I am going to go to a couple of garden centers and see what is available, find out about when I need to get my lavenders (I pulled up my old scraggly lavenders the year before last -- I mean they were old and scraggly -- and now I miss lavender like crazy so I need to find my favorites and replant!), and start thinking about what I will do for a small fall-winter veggie/herb garden. Nothing big, baby steps... start small, go slowly. THEN I should be able to keep it going and get a nice garden going again.

Promise to Andy: I will not start 14 different heirloom tomato plants then take off on a summer trip and leave them for you to take care of!

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