Sunday, July 3, 2011

Croydon and Brighton...

Yesterday when I first walked around Croydon (a southern suburb of London) I stumbled upon this little street market...



Then continued on to the Croydon museum...

Past the Wimpy burgers... (I remember those from my first time in England nearly 40 years ago!)


And finally to the library/museum in this amazing clock tower building...


Photos weren't allowed inside but I did talk the guard into letting me take this one photo. Even though of course we teach about Darwin and the Galapagos Islands I never knew anything about the Captain of the Beagle, who was apparently from Croydon!


I am always amazed when I learn something new that I can actually use in my teaching!

So a little more exploring shops and such yesterday. Oh and got my hair colored since so much gray was showing after a month away from home! Decided not to do it myself in a hotel bathroom with a not very good shower and not enough towels, so it was nice to pamper myself a little! Didn't even think of having them take a photo of me...

Then this morning decided to go to Brighton. Took the train, easy-peasy, and got out at Brighton, which still has one of those fabulous iron train stations...


I headed out first to the Royal Pavilion ... (well me and a few hundred other visitors!)



They don't let you take photos inside and are VERY strict about it so I have to refer you to the website above for more info, but it was rather over the top!

This is the back view -- the place is huge!!


Then down another quarter mile or so to the Pier, past a lovely fountain...


and the shopping area called The Lanes. Now I know where JK Rowling might have gotten the idea for Harry Potter's Diagon Alley!


Until I got to...


What was I thinking? The sun... the crowds... the noise...???




I actually did not stay long as it was just too overwhelming and I had a sudden desire for some peace and quiet. But I was glad to see Brighton again. Last time I was there was around 39 years ago! Aside from the prices and modern buildings I am not sure much had changed!

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