Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting the rest of my summer on...

I am turning into one of the "Ladies Who Lunch" this week as I visit with a few (ahem lucky to be retired) teacher friends.

Yesterday: lunch with Marilyne @ Crepeville on 24th (left my camera at home)
Today: lunch with Roz @ Magpie Cafe on R Street. Salad Nicoise with seared tuna, yum!

Magpie salad

And I am getting my energy back to do some of the things I got started before I left this summer:

1. Continuing to rework my art room and declutter (a LOT). Having a hard time coming up with what works best for me but I think getting rid of half the junk will help! Decided to donate the art stuff I no longer have use for to Women's Wisdom Art Project. Then I will have room for all my mixed-media and journaling stuff that is now just stuck in boxes waiting for a home! Dropped my first box off today after lunch!

2. Simplify my stuff in other rooms of the house and put my own stuff away before I complain about the mess. The hard part is the shared clutter (like household appliances and such). It has taken me ages to realize the major problem with this old house is that there are NO closets or places to hide all that junk!

3, Refine my eating habits, figuring out more how to do meals with no grains especially when I go out to eat. I am not celiac per-se but I sure do feel a TON better when I go more towards a "paleo" or "Primal" way of eating. Cutting out grains, refined sugars, and all packaged foods and refocusing on eating only real foods that help my body (meats, vegetables, healthy fats).

4, Getting excited about a new school year (I always get this way before school starts... hopefully this year it will last longer into the school year!). Decided that since I like to travel so much in the summers I would put off retiring a few more years so I have money to travel.


  1. Yum! Thanks, now I know some new places to go for good food...... I got word I'm back at Pinkerton this year.

  2. Eileen: glad you are rehired there. We lost 1.5 teachers again in our department, 1 to moving on to a graduate program and the other to finding a job elsewhere while waiting for our slow district to rehire. Are you still living way out there or have you moved closer into town?


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