Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planted lavender and changed blog...

Actually found 2 of the lavender varieties I like best at Capital Nursery a couple days ago and got them into soil this afternoon.

The English lavender (var Munstead) went into the ground by the driveway so when it grows and I walk past it I hope it will give off a wonderful scent!

English lav

And the French variety (provence) went in one of the barrels where the dahlias and foxglove have been sporadically coming up from previous plantings. It is also at the walkway so I can brush past it when it is bigger too and pretend I am in the south of France wandering amongst the lavender fields. Or something like that.

French lav

I also went to Talini's Nursery this morning after a nice breakfast with another teacher friend. Found a lovely yellow lantana that I need to find a place for (photo when it's planted!). I totally cannot wait until it is time to either plant hollyhock seeds (which never really works for me) or get the little starter plants in the Spring for next year! Hard to decide to want an English country garden at the end of the summer when everything needed to be planted in the spring! But I guess that gives me all the more time to plan and dream about it (and web surf other people's lovely gardens in the meantime!).

And I decided it was time to switch around some of the colors on the blog. I love the yellows-browns-rusts of before but I decided I needed some green to help me set the mood for gardening again. And it needed a new name. "Starting Over?" was old. Time for something new.

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