Friday, July 20, 2012

Working on Mystery Saturday Sampler

Finally starting out on this first set of stars for the Fabric Garden Mystery Saturday Sampler.

The woman who is leading it said "this first block is an easy one"... well, it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to get started on it because I think it scared me too much! Making 3 blocks of a sawtooth star (that means 12 flying geese among other things) for this beginner was a big "stop in my tracks" thing until I finally sat down and just started it...
Start of block 1
This was just one square and the directions...

So I just started cutting and sewing and pretty soon: Block 1 with directions

Making block 1 geese
Finally I had one set of the flying geese...
Geese with directions
So I put together the first star pieces... Star 1 before sewing together
And sewed together the first star pieces...

Middle Star 1

And now I have 2 more sets to make and the last side pieces to sew on and then I will have the 3 blocks for the month!
The way the monthly sampler idea works is this: If we finish the month and bring the blocks to the next class then the next month set of supplies (cut fabrics and directions) are no charge, otherwise it is $5. So there is a little incentive, aside from just wanting to learn the techniques and make the sampler.
I will post the rest as I get them made this weekend.

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