Saturday, July 28, 2012

A day of dyeing and having fun...

Spent the day dyeing fabrics and trying out a few new things today.

This is my favorite bleach discharge on black kona fabric. 
My favorite black kona bleach print
My friend Beverly tried a stencil as a bleach discharge and I love the result! I will have to do some of those next time too!
Stencil resist on black kona

And we tried various sun-print type methods with Seta Dyes. Wrapped fabrics:
Tied bundles
to make these: 
Result of tied sun dyes
and while I was wrapping, Beverly was making leaf prints: 
Leaves on sun dye fabric
I thought I was taking lots of photos but I didn't end up with all that many. I will photograph a few more results and show them another time. And next time I will attempt a better documentation process! But it was sure fun!

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