Thursday, July 26, 2012

Figured out stretch stitch today!

I do not own a Serger.

However I wanted to be able to sew on jersey (t-shirt) type material and make a top but I had never done it, so I found out that I needed to get ballpoint needles and use a different foot (for my Baby Lock it was a G foot) and got some jersey to practice on.

It is actually pretty easy:

stretch zig zag

Now I just need to make something and test out my new skill!


  1. I got a nice piece of jersey at the little fabric shop on Franklin on sale for next to nothing, if you want some fabric that you don't have to worry about. Joann's and Hancock's are also having sales or are just about to start. I wish they wouldn't have these big sales right at the end of the month when I don't have any money! Or maybe that's a good thing! Kathryn

  2. Was it Hi-Fashion? That Franklin shop is where I found that brown polka dot fabric actually! Takes a while to sort through things but then you find something just right there! Plus I love their $1 zippers! Maybe I am not looking in the right section but I found nothing but fugly jersey fabrics @ JoAnn's yesterday. Haven't checked Hancocks for it yet.


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