Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recycled Circles...

I have my Art Quilt class to go to on Thursday and I needed to have something that I was working on to bring so I thought I would try some of the Recycled Circles that artist Jane LaFazio makes.
Here is one example from her Flickr page:
blue and orange

So here is the one I am working on:
First just the circles pieced together (held together with Steam2Seam)...
Recycled Circles 1a

As you can see, my "circles" need some work being rounder!

I have started the stitching, which will take a while. This is what I will bring to class on Thursday:
Recycled Circles 1b
Then once it is all stitched I will connect the four pieces and add any other embellishments. I also have to add it to a backing. I am sure I am not making it in any method she teaches, as I am just winging it from seeing her photos. But I love the idea so I may make a few to just play with them. I think this will just be a wall decoration, although I did see one in Flickr from LaFazio's class that was made into a pillow.


  1. This is nice! Your circles are very artsy. I have been wanting to make a wallhanging and something like this is what I have in mind; artsy with a modern, hand-crafted flair.

  2. Thanks! The fun part has been to try to figure out what she (and her students) do to make it work since I have not had the opportunity to take one of her classes. But I like to experiment and play around trying various things and come up with what works for me anyway!


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