Friday, July 13, 2012

Quilt Blocks #1 and #2...

Ok I admit, I am doing it backwards! I started with block #5 to catch up to the current week (which is already last week) and now am going back to do the first 4. Here are blocks 1 and 2... and now that I have done these I am rethinking my color choices...
Here were my original color choices:
Fabric Selection for Quilt Along

Quilt Block #1: (ignore the background fabric, it was just to show contrast) 
Quilt Block 1

Quilt Block #2: (ignore the background fabric, it was just to show contrast) 
Quilt Block 2

and here is #5 again just to see the colors: 
Quilt Block 5 trimmed

What I am thinking is that even though the colors "go together" as fabrics I think the blocks are more conducive to different kinds of colors. Here are some of the photos from the group so far: Flickr Group Photos for Quilt Along.
I am going to think on it and decide this weekend. It is really good practice for me to make these blocks and since I haven't made too many yet I can always redo if I decide to change the color grouping. Meanwhile Block #6 came out yesterday, better take a look at that too!


  1. Hi Rhonda! My thought: I think you have too many colors for the simplicity of these blocks and there isn't one material that ties them all together. Even if the fabric that ties all the blocks together was used as sashing, it might help. I have a bunch of fabric for the Farmer's Wife quilt and I found somewhat the same problem - too many different fabrics to look cohesive. # 2 and #5 look pretty good together - maybe it would be good to try just those fabrics for a while. JMHO!!

    Will you be going to Modern Quilt on the 21st?

    I LOVE this wallpaper!


  2. Oops - I just looked at the pictures again and #2 and #5 don't go together that well (again, my opinion) but if you used the colors in #2 for # 5, I think you could see that using 3 colors makes for a more coherent look.


  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I just wondered why you were sticking to plain fabrics - maybe a patterned fabric, added to each block to pull them together. Just a thought but will watch with interest to see how it turns out.

  4. Patchsmith: I was thinking I wanted a more "modern" looking quilt, even though it is just a sort of training wheels quilt (learning how to make the blocks as I go along with the Quilt Along for Beginners)... and I have never been a huge fan of the more "traditional" old fashioned looking quilts. And I had seen some cool quilts with gray backgrounds and bursts of colors... I think Kathryn above is right though -- too many colors. So I will just use the colors I have used so far and work them together and I think that will make it look better. Patterns would make it work too -- I have been looking more at the blocks other people have made. Still learning is all I can say! Stay tuned and we will both see how it goes! LOL


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