Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watching me pack...

cats on bed by Cali-rhoz
I think they were waiting for me to leave the room so they could hide in my suitcase and come with me! I will miss them (and my naps) but NOT the hairballs!

packing cubes

This is what the packing cubes look like inside the duffel bag. There is still a lot of room for souvenirs (yes Andy I will find you a t-shirt!).

clothes for trip

This is as minimalist as I could get for 7.5 weeks: 3 pants (one worn on plane, 2 packed), 6 shirts (all interchangeable with the pants, one worn on plane, 5 packed), Not shown: 3 pairs of shoes (one worn on plane, 2 packed), 2 t-shirts and shorts to sleep in, undies and personal items and toiletries. Also one black sweater, an light weight ivory colored jacket and my blue wind-rain jacket. Of course there are the other things, my journal and art supplies (that was the hardest thing to pare down), ziplock bags, few plastic dish/bowls and camping silverware (I like to get things from stores and make my own food a lot rather than always depending on restaurants), a coffee mug that I can leave behind, decaf teabags for evenings (sometimes hard to find traveling), and somehow it all still 3/4 fills up this duffel bag -- just a little too much for the 22 inch carry-on (which for a flight to Europe I couldn't carry on anyway because of their tiny weight limits).


  1. You're taking Tide? Don't they sell laundry detergent in Europe? lol

  2. LOL yes of course -- it is a little one-time pack I had left over from Iceland last year so I wanted to use it up! I usually wash my stuff in hotel rooms and use shampoo, towel dry... easy peasy!


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