Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday in Newgrange...

I am SO tired after a wonderful but long day out in the wind and rain seeing Mesolithic and Neolithic tombs and burial mounds with an amazing guide! I signed up for the Mary Gibbons Newgrange tour and if you notice on her website there are articles by her brother Michael, a noted Irish archeologist. Well, turns out he was visiting her this week and he decided to lead the trip today! So, we got an incredible more academic tour probably than most people were expecting but I appreciated it so much more that way! I have heard Mary is very knowledgeable and gives a great tour but I was happy to be guided by her brother today instead. I just wish the wind had been a little calmer because it is very tiring walking a lot and trying to listen to someone when the wind is thrashing around you out in the countryside.
We went to several areas which I will leave it to you for now to Google and learn about: Dowth, Newgrange, Hill of Tara and the whole Boyne River area.
Here are a few highlights. As usual, more to come!


Boyne River area

michael gibbons

Michael Gibbons


The outside of the tomb. As usual, photos not allowed inside.


rock carving

A rock with a carving.

Then Michael rubbed grasses on it to make the carving stand out for us:

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  1. Ack! I am so envious! You lucky adventurer - this looks like big fun! :)


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