Saturday, May 14, 2011

About the watch...

I wrote this for Thursday's posting but then Blogger was down and it never got posted. So it's a few days later.
Thursday, May 12

I forgot my watch this morning. 

So, what’s the big deal?

I didn’t notice it until I was a couple blocks from my house on the way to work.  The big deal is that probably most of my school and working life as well as weekends and summer vacation I have worn a watch.  I feel naked without my watch on. But I was already a few blocks from home and didn’t want to double back and go get it so I kept going. I thought about it and realized I have no lack of clocks around me. There is a clock that is 2 hours wrong in my car (I lost the manual and never figured out how to fix it), there is a clock in my classroom, a clock on my computer at work, and probably about half the kids in my classroom wear watches. I could get through the day without my own watch.  There is really nothing I need to do today where I need to know the precise time (except maybe knowing I have 4 minutes between classes to run to the bathroom but I always know this and don’t think I need a watch to tell me to pee fast).

But that is not really what prompts me to write this. People forget their watches all the time. No big deal. What strikes me as important for me is that it was really easy to let it go. No watch? Ok, no big deal. No panic, no anxiety… I noticed it and then let it go.  And in truth I think I only looked at my arm once and remembered I had no watch and haven’t even though about it for most of the day.

Can you tell letting go is a big issue with me? Not just the emotional letting go, but also the letting go of stuff, habits, and everything else that has been holding me back.

THAT is probably the pivotal point of this blog and what I want to explore and expand on in future posts.


  1. Interesting. I know it's not the same thing, but I drove away this morning at 8:00am without a Jacket or sweater, but knew I would need it later in the day so I actually did turn around and go back home and get a sweater. Good thing I did! I would have been extremely cold without it later in the day!

  2. Well some things you just need to go back and get! I used to keep a sweatshirt in my car for those moments but I guess I used it and took it out -- think I will put another one in today when I go out just for that reason!
    Laughing at your "name" line -- is that so that anyone who knows you can figure out it's you? LOL Thanks for responding!

  3. Ha! Yes, when I started my blog I figured I would use the three name "name" because I'm know by different names in different places. I'm Rich in the Education world, Rick in the family world, and Richard in the church world. LOL. I have no idea how that all evolved, it just did. But I don't keep the blog so maybe I should just change it to Rich. Hmmmm


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