Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Having a bit of trouble getting pix onto Flickr and posting on blog...

Not sure what the problem is: the hotel connection is slow, this Netbook, volcanic ash (why not)?  Anyway I managed to get this posting up and will work on posting photos and commentary soon! I could not upload to Flickr yesterday -- need now to find a way to shrink my photos and make it a little faster. Connection kept going down while attempting to upload. I gave up after an hour of frustration!  At least I was able to Skype with Andy for a few minutes before we got disconnected.

In a nutshell: finally got into Dublin Monday, all City Center was closed due to Obama's visit so no bus service from the airport -- had to take a taxi. Cost me around 14 Euro more but I got here!  Yesterday (Tuesday) got to Trinity College and Book of Kells, and the Chester Beattie Library so got my Illuminated Manuscript fix in! Walked miles around thge City Center area, touristy spots. Today on a day tour to Wicklow Mountain area. Looking forward to getting out to the countryside even though rain is forecast for most of the day.

I will try uploading photos again tonight!

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  1. Sounds like you are having a good time. Looks like rain here today too, believe it or not. I need to go and find out how much a Euro is in US Dollars. Looking forward to more pictures.


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