Sunday, May 29, 2011

I can't believe I watched the whole match!

But Barcelona was just so good and it was so exciting -- I was happy to see them win.



Even I who knows only a little about football (soccer) here knew it was a beautiful game.

barcelona win

And those Barcelona guys were so cute! Good thing I am not 30 years younger! LOL (Nothing to worry about Andy!) Too bad the celebrations got so violent in Barcelona. But those Europeans sure take their football seriously!

Every time I see a yellow (or red) card I think I should adopt that system in my classroom!

Oh and before the game I had a nice lamb shank for my dinner:

lamb shank

I would have also gotten a green salad had I known there was no green veggie but it was so filling I let it go. The Irish DO love their potatoes and their carrots-parsnips combos! The lamb was from Wicklow area (where I was the other day) and was oh so tasty!!

On another topic: HERE is a link to an online Celtic streaming radio station that has some nice Irish tunes. Unfortunately there is no radio in my hotel room so I don't get to listen to regular Irish radio. TV is limited to the hotel fare (CNN news and a few BBC shows, plus later at night American movies, not much). I would have loved to see regular day to day Irish tv to see the commercials and the stuff people watch here on a daily basis. I guess hotels don't figure the "normal" tourist wants that so it isn't available.

And lastly for now until I upload more pix to Flickr... I rearranged some of the photos already in Summer Travels Flickr into sets and deleted the big Summer Travels set. I decided not to lump all the summer travel together but to separate it by country. Hopefully when you click on a photo here it will just take you to Flickr and you can figure out the rest for yourself! Happy viewing!

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