Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WOYWW #201

WOYWW stands for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, a long running linky party I recently discovered. And it is really cool to see what other people are either working on or their work areas. Mine is a little more together this week than the last time...

Last weekend I reorganized my pens so I have many containers like this at the far edge of the table:

Pen reorganization

I had them upright before and not only were the cups always falling over, but I keep reading how it is better to store pens (marker type pens) horizontally so I brought home some small plastic bins I no longer used at school and repurposed them for my pens. I had been using them for desk baskets at school and had bought a dozen or so many years ago but I use something else now so they were just in my cabinet.

And then of course... there are the white pens... do I have too many? LOL (the answer would be "no, one can never have too many white markers/pens" in case you were wondering!)

Do I have too many white pens?

And the also on my worktable at the moment: a journal page I just have color on so far...

journal page in progress

And finally I decided this heart painting needed a quote and I think I have found the one for it, from "The Little Prince". Now I just have to decide how I will do the words, hand lettered or as collage to make it more multi-media. I will work on it this weekend when I have time. But here it is with just a printout of the words for layout so far:

Painting with quote

So that is what is on my worktable this Wednesday! Linked to: WOYWW


  1. Oh I do love your page, it is so warm, the colors so beautiful and I love the words you are going to add to it as well. The other page is warm as well, and very fun with all the fun shapes. Yes, you do have a lot of white pens, and I imagine there is a reason for this...I can't imagine what it is. But we artist/crafters don't always need our reasons, we just do! As long as we are happy crafters that is all that matters...I would love for you to come and join my blog if you would like to. Hugs Cathryn #146

    1. Hi Cathryn, thanks for stopping by my blog and joining it! I did go to yours and did the same. Very lovely cards you make!
      LOL well the white pen thing -- I like to write white on darker paint and it has been hard to find the right pen to write on each surface, so every time someone recommends a pen I try it out, thus all the pens -- and I have found a small group I like now so all I really get now are more of the same few. But it looks like a lot! LOL And you are right, who needs reasons!

  2. Happy Belated WOYWW. It is great when you get your pens sorted. So much easier to get colouring done. Fab journal page. Ali x No. 19

    1. Thanks for coming by Ali! Well they were sorted before but all upright in big cups/jars. This is supposed to be better for the pens and actually is easier for me to see all the colors and kinds... sometimes I need a specific pen for a specific surface. The more I doodle and write on paint the more I learn that!

  3. I would have said it was impossible to have too many white pens... and then I saw your basket! :lol:

    Your journal page and painting are looking gorgeous - such vibrant warm colours! :)

    Ali #79

    1. LOL Ali... I have seen more! Of course there are a few repeats in there! (Once I like a pen I usually get 2 at a time to be sure I have an extra).
      Thanks for the nice comments on the journal pages.

  4. At least I know that I am not the only art supply hoarder,lol! Love your heart painting and your blog!

  5. Thanks Tracy -- no, I think there are a ton of us out there! LOL But I am not so sure it is hoarding when you are actually USING them all... Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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