Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking for pink...

I wasn't sure I had any more pink journal pages for today's Linky party but I found this, a journal page I had done for the Journal Fodder 365 group I am doing over on Ning. Not sure that I ever posted it anywhere even, maybe I meant to do more on it but now I have forgotten...

It's on a gelli printed background, traced around my hand and colored in with pan pastels. Then I sprayed fixative so the pastels wouldn't brush off and wrote the caption with black and white markers.

reaching for

Linked to: Pink Saturday


  1. You have some pan pastels? How do you like them? I like the blending in the hand and the pink and orange together.

    1. Yes I got a few after seeing all those Donna D videos LOL... the jury is still out on them for me...I like the blending aspect of them but I hate having to spray the page to work on it more or they just spread or wipe off and get on everything. I can bring them next time we get together!

  2. Cute hand! Neat phrase to go with it! I was wrapping some boxes for Operation Christmas Child (Franklin Graham's ministry). I traced my hand and made some notes. I didn't color it in . . . but I'm thinking I might need to jazz it up a bit . . .oh yes, I cut around it and glued it inside the lide of the shoebox to hide some text from the shoebox maker ... maybe I'll bling them up and post about them sometime.

    Thanks for the inspiration for jazzing it up some.

    Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

    1. Cute idea Jenn! Would love to see them! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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