Saturday, April 6, 2013

More stencils...

Here are some of the stencils I have made the last week or so since I got my SIlhouette Cameo. If they are the light blue, then I have not used them yet. Otherwise the acrylic paint that I used is on the stencils. Once it dries it doesn't come off onto anything else and it seems to make the stencil a little more sturdy so I don't clean them off too thoroughly.




Many more ideas to make, and much more journaling and other fun uses to put them too... I need another Spring Break to play again!


  1. When I remember why I bought the vinyl I am totally sending it to you so you can run it thru your Silhouette to cut it for me!

    1. Liz I think I should just drive up to see you this summer instead of fly then I can bring it with me!

  2. oooooooh, now I am really waiting. When are you coming over??? So fabulous!

    ;-> Felicia
    There are no rules!

    1. Felicia check your email! Can't wait to play!


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