Sunday, April 14, 2013

Catching Up Sunday...

Gotta start out with a photo of my 20 year old cat, Pandora (who was not happy about having her picture taken!)

me and pandora

Here is what I have been doing this weekend:

  1. Made 2 new pages (top tabs of blog): one for current WIP and one for all the linky parties I have joined
  2. Worked more on one of the 21 Secrets classes (Doodling Your Way)
  3. Went outside and took some photos of the garden and Pandora inside
  4. Made folders for my photos in my computer so they might be easier to find
  5. Uploaded more photos to Flickr
  6. Planning my summer trip to Alaska (just a week to go see a friend)
  7. Thinking more about this art room organization and how to make best use of my space
  8. Watching more inspirational art videos... some people watch TV, I watch YouTube!

Here is the start of a doodle page I am making for one of the 21 Secrets classes (Doodling Your Way):

My page2

And the garden seems to be coming back to life... roses flourishing, irises and sweet peas finally showing up! Looking forward to the sweet pea flowers!

roses and irises



And I wish that I could bottle how amazing the orange blossoms smell!

orange blossom

Linked to: Nature's Footsteps Flower Macros


  1. Hi - I love the little bits of your garden in the pics. I know you said it isn't much but the picket fence cute and I like the wooden half barrels. I envy you your sweet peas - I didn't get any planted at the end of the year. :-(

    1. Hi Leslie! The funny thing about the sweet peas is that I totally forgot to plant more last fall and somehow a few have come back from seeds dropped last year... I have no idea what colors they will be anymore!
      We have to do most of our garden in the front yard rather than the wonderful space you have in your back yard. We use a lot of planters since the soil is such heavy clay. even with additions over the years of a lot of organic matter. Anyway at the moment it smells divine!

  2. Love your self portrait with Pandora! I want to keep looking at it - almost mesmerising:) And I once had a beautiful black and brown cat named Pandora.

    1. Thanks... I hadn't actually thought of it as a self-portrait until you mentioned it! All our cats (4) have Greek god/goddess names starting with P... not sure why but it just happened! LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gunilla! They really smell wonderful in reality too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. 20 years? She is a treasure.
    Lovely shots, but, I must say, I love the cat :)
    Have a nice day.

    1. Yes she is a sweetie, although getting a little senile I think! Thanks for visiting!


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