Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Working on a Painting... and Jeopardy Swag!

While I was waiting at home today I spent some more time on a painting I started the other day. It started out with some gelli printed background, then stenciling, and various acrylics, neocolors, dyes and inks over and over... I feel it still needs something but not sure quite yet. I am sure it will come to me eventually! It is the largest canvas I have tried in recent years (12" x 16").

heart mixed media so far 3-6-13

So why was I home from work anyway?

I took the day off work today because...

A month or so ago I took and online test to be a contestant on Jeopardy and I passed! I got an email saying the second round would be held in Sacramento today so off I went...

Luckily the tryouts were held in Sacramento so I didn't have to travel but there were people in the room from as far away as Vancouver, BC and all over the Bay Area. We took another test -- 2 actually, one was the test that counted and the second one was a new test they were trying out and wanted to see if there were glitches so they were giving it to the contestants in this round all over the country to standardize it (or whatever that word is when you get a lot of different results for a test to see if it works for everyone). Then we played a little bit of a mock game and had interviews. Since I am a teacher I also get to be considered for the teacher tournament! Now if they want any of us there is an 18 month window in which they might call us... hope I get on! The whole process took around 2 and a half hours. AND we got parting gifts!

jeopardy swag


  1. Fantastic! How I wish I could see that.
    The very best of luck for your appearance, Rhonda.

  2. Nice going girl! Crossing my fingers you get picked to go on the show.

  3. Super rad! Did we talk about Jeopardy when you visited here this summer? It's my favourite show, I watch it nearly every night.


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