Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring makes me want to garden...

I spent a while outside this morning and cleared out some weeds (tons more to go) and planted a few flowers we got yesterday at Green Acres Nursery...

Ranunculus: one of my favorites! Planted a cheap gallon pot just for the jolt of color!


Eagerly awaiting the freesias... these have come back from past years.


And some snapdragons (new)...


And ushering out some of the last poppies...

poppies last days

Also planted some hollyhocks and carnations from little 6 packs. We shall see if they grow. I am usually better transplanting the 4" plants. Between me being too rough and the soil being too yucky (clay) the little ones often don't take. If they haven't I can always get some others when I am on vacation the week after next. Looking at the soil in the flower area though I think the first order of business when I am on vacation is to add more organic matter again... that clay is persistent!


  1. Oh, LOVELY! I planted some ranunculus bulbs in the fall and they are still growing s-l-o-w-l-y. I wonder if they will ever bloom! Yours gives me a little hope!

    1. Well amazingly enough I totally forgot about planting bulbs last fall so the only thing that is coming up from last year are the freesias, which are my Energizer bunny plants -- they keep coming back! I gotta put a lot of reminders on my Google calendar or something to get bulbs planted when they should be later this year!

  2. I love ranunculus and freesias! It's still too cold at night here (had to scrape ice off of my windshield this am) to have flowers in the ground :-( Yours are pretty :-)

    1. I love them too and wish I had planted some last fall... oh well, have to be happy with transplants this time around.


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