Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Craving color...

And the desire to find my old travel photos and add them to Flickr and maybe post a few here...

And I was so craving color this evening I thought I would start with these from a trip to Spain in 2003 (these were from Seville).

fruits spain

Anyone know what these fruit are called?


spain tiles3

I have a gazillion old pix to sort through and these were just at easy reach but I will get a lot more of them on Flickr soon. I have photos from Spain, south of France, Czech Republic and a summer in Italy that I never put on Flickr so I think it is about time!

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  1. These are GREAT- so many inspiring colors and patterns.

  2. That window would make a great quilt pattern.


  3. If you mean the vivid pink ones, they are Dragon fruit. The insides are also beautiful - the ones I've seen are pure white inside with tiny black seeds. You couldn't invent it!

    1. Chrissy yes those! They look so magnificent colorwise!


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