Friday, March 29, 2013

New journal pages...

Slightly out of my comfort zone on the doodle front, but I wanted to get working on a couple of online classes/Ning groups I had joined. So in between learning how to use my new Silhouette Cameo (update soon I promise!) I worked on a couple of doodle-ish pages. Is that a word? Well it is now!

color doodles

live loud

And I finished a collage page that is not really my style but I had some pretty scraps I wanted to use somehow.



  1. I like all three but mostly the first one. My problem with doodles is that I very quickly run out of ideas. Flowers. Check. Circles. Check. Squares. Check. I have a doodle book and should get it out more...

    1. I know Leslie I think that is also why I have not done more doodles... but seeing what some other people are doing lately sort of gets me interested again, things like zentangle-type doodles which are more complicated but really cool looking.

  2. I so need to practice with all the free hand work on my journaling.. Doodling zentangles and just plain writing all things to work on.. Your pages are all so great love all the elements you put on them.. The bright funky colors on the first one.. The great swirls on the second one, awesome.. The collage on the third one, well done.
    Sandy :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! I appreciate your kind words. I also need to keep practicing... seems like I missed those years when everyone was doodling and now I am playing catch-up! But that is what makes it so much fun right?


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