Sunday, March 10, 2013

A new TED discovery...

I have always loved the TED talks and this weekend I discovered a couple I had not yet heard (although apparently half the world had already). And the amazing thing is that I found one of them through one of the online art classes I am taking (but now of course when I go looking for the link I can't remember where it was!).

Anyway... HERE is the main TED talks link.

And it was Brene Brown who I just found out about this weekend and loved her talks: HERE (Vulnerability) and HERE (Listening to Shame). And HERE is her website Ordinary Courage).

I didn't do much artwork this weekend, it was more a mind work weekend with some time off for a bit of reading.

Then my friend Leslie bursts ahead on the Lettering Class which reminds me I have some lettering to do, so I think that will be the focus of this coming week!

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