Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Art Journal Calendar Project

One of my art goals this year is to do a monthly Art Journal Calendar to highlight what I do for daily art during the year. I found an old art journal that I had taken pages out of and had exactly enough pages left for 2 years of calendars! Serendipity!
Here is my January start:
Jan start
And my entry for the first day of a New Year! Great beginnings!
Jan 1


  1. Ha! Cool that you're starting this. I was intrigued by them for a year before I finally began one of my own in mid-Nov of last year. Now I'm hooked. Love the colors. Acrylics?

    1. Yes cheap craft paint actually! I was channeling Donna Downey with those colors I think! But they suited my mood on a cold cloudy morning!

  2. What a fun way to jazz up a calendar,to do list, etc. gonna give this one a try!

    ;-> Felicia
    The Journal Junkie
    Blog: http://feliciathejournaljunkie.blogspot.com/

    1. I need to post a pic of it so far, just 3 weeks into it and making every effort to do something each day... looking forward to seeing what you do Felicia -- interesting you are talking about Pan Pastels on your blog... those are something that intrigue me, may have to get a few and try them out!


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