Sunday, January 6, 2013

More gel plate prints and week one of art journal calendar...

Sunday is a great day to play with the gel printing plate. Of course now I have a gazillion backgrounds -- need to work with them!

Jan 6 backgrounds 2

Jan 6 backgrounds 1

I am getting better at making several passes over each page to get depth of colors and interest... Now I wish I had another week of vacation to play more!

And Week 1 of the January Art Calendar is done...

Art Journal Calendar Jan wk1


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    1. Thanks Carolyn! I love that little piece of blob! You make pretty spectacular ones yourself! Love your videos!

  2. Hello Rhonda

    I see your name frequently on Carol's blog so thought I'd pop over to say Hi.
    I am fascinated by the books that people like - or don't. I have a particular dislike of Paul Coelho's novels and would love to know why you are the opposite!

    1. Hi Chrissy, I would be interested to hear why you dislike his novels?
      I actually have not liked everything of his, but those 2 that I mentioned to Carol (the Alchemist and the Pilgrimage) I do particularly like. In those I like the introspection and the sort of walkabout feelings they bring out. They seem a bit more spiritual than his other books, and even though I am not religious, I do feel something towards the spiritual wanderings his characters go through in those 2 novels. And I sometimes enjoy his ramblings on his website, although I must admit lately I have not been reading it as much. Hope that helps?

  3. I know I'm going to sound negative but I really don't feel comfortable with what could loosely be described as fantasy literature, especially when it attempts to teach or preach. I have read The Alchemist so I've tried to like his work.

    Another thing for me is that over-hyped books, or ones that other people insist you MUST read - like The Da Vinci Code or the Harry Potter books - simply put me off. Perhaps I should have another go and read The Pilgrimage. Just so long as it doesn't too closely resemble The Pilgrim's Progress!

    I have found truth and beauty and 'spirituality' in novels of the 20th century which don't have such claims made for them but which will stay with me in a helpful way.

    1. No, it's ok Chrissy, don't worry about that... I also don't like really "preachy" books. I would love to know which other novels you mentioned you found "spirituality" in -- it is always interesting to see where other people's journeys take them. If you wish, please feel free to email me and we can continue this conversation there -- might be easier! And I would love to hear about living in France! Aren't you lucky!

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    1. Have you gotten sucked into the Gelli Plate craze yet Grace? It is so fun, you don't want to stop once you start! Course now I have to actually start to use the bunches and bunches of papers I have made!


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