Saturday, January 19, 2013

3 Days to Play...

I love 3 day weekends!

So first of all my general ideas about why I blog come down to it being a creative outlet for me. And maybe somewhere along the journey I will connect with other creative sorts and share ideas and art fun.

I found out about a growing your blog event through my art friend Leslie and found that I got there too late, registration had closed. It turns out to be ok though because I think I want mine to grow slowly for now since I am sort of limited in time... if I find too many creative things to do I end up not doing anything at all. That's just how I am!

And finding out about the Grow your blog event sent me clicking through all sorts of blogs and it is now almost noon and I just managed to get ready for my day! Glad I have an extra day to play!

We have to take the dog to the doggie wash now (a major event considering how dirty she manages to get herself in a short month or so since last bath)... more later.



Andy helping Maggie with her bath...


Finally she doesn't stink! How she manages to get so stinky in such a short time amazes me!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you drop by again. I love all your art journal pictures. I'll be sure to stop by to check out what you're working on. And very cute dog!

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for peeking at my journal pages, which reminds me I have a bunch more to either post here or add to Flickr!

  2. I saw your doggy pics (isn't she patient?) this morning in Flickr while I was working on my own pages. Lots to learn!

    Thanks for making me a contact of yours. A new window opens for me now with Flickr. I had been wondering what to do with the thousands of photos in my folders.

    1. Yes Maggie was incredibly patient, not necessarily enjoying it at times but she at least doesn't howl like some dogs!


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