Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Journal Page...

Sort of from the Journal Fodder 365 prompt but turned more into an introspection of my art...

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  1. I'm a dabbler too! Admittedly, I spend a long time with the medium I'm interested in BUT when I look around my minute work space, I realise that I could have gone much further with, for example, felting. And that I've spent a lot on materials which look at me reproachfully from the corner.
    So - not just felting but patchwork, papier mâché, journalling with Mary Ann, knitting, sewing, drawing and painting.
    I did metalwork (silver) in my father's class at a London art school, as well as life drawing. Now I look back on a life where my fingers were never still, always needing to MAKE. In fact, I am convinced that taking up my knitting needles marked the end of severe post-natal depression for me.
    You have inspired me with your beautiful thoughtful pages to get out my journalling stuff and start Mary Ann's latest class.


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