Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee Garden and Gelli idea...

Today we had MLK Jr. day off from school so I went out to coffee with my friend Marilyne at Coffee Garden near my house.

She regaled me with the delights of being retired and then I caught her up with all the happenings around school that she has missed this year so far. I think she has the better deal!

Down the street from the cafe is an old wall sign from days gone by:

Then I went to Beer's Books to grab some of their sale hardcover volumes to tear up and use for art journals. Some I will gut the pages and others I may use as altered books, but either way on Monday's the outside cheap table ($ per hardcover) is half off so I walked away with 9 books for less than $5. Works for me!

Also today I played with an idea I had in the shower (why do all good ideas happen there when I can't write them down?)... make strips of plastic and weave them together to make a stencil for the Gelli plate.

So I made a prototype out of paper and tried it out...

liking the results. Now to cut up some old transparencies I no longer need for school!

And finally a second pull with another color... love it!


  1. I love this! I like making my own stencils too (usually from card board and tossing them once their days are gone - but not before I made a 'second edition' ;))
    Cheers, Jana

    1. Thanks Jana! I need to get back to making my own again -- just bought a ton of stencils online and then the art starts looking like everyone else's!

  2. ...I entered above to soon: I found you via your comment on flickr. Thanks so much!!! :)

  3. Love the way your mind works. This is great!

    1. Thanks... I totally love that silly Gelli plate!


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