Monday, December 31, 2012

Art Intentions for 2013...

It feels like a year of new beginnings and a lot of finishing...

Some of my art goals intentions for the New Year are:
1. Do art daily! Even if it is 10 minutes of making a background in my journal. Just do it!
2. Do a monthly art journal calendar to keep track of what I do for my daily art time.
3. Work on my  Ticket to Venice journal.
4. Finish my ROD (Remains of the Day) Journal.
4. Paint on a canvas (board) .
5. Make more books!
6. Work on the Craftsy classes I signed up for.
7. Find my art style... an ongoing search.
8. Go to Art Unraveled in Phoenix in July.
9. Do more art quilting.
10. Make my taupe quilt.
11. Do more embroidery.
12. Finish the scarf I am knitting!
13. Redesign my blog title with photos behind the title so it always looks the same on all browsers.

I also wanted to mention that the other day a few of us who are local but taking Mary Ann Moss' Ticket to Venice online class met up in Fremont at the studio of one of the participants. We spent the day gabbing, playing, looking at each other's art, and getting motivated to work on our journals for the class. I had SO MUCH FUN!! It really rejuvenated my spirit for doing ART and making it a priority in my life. I was so busy looking at stuff that I actually forgot to take pictures of the day but I am sure it won't be the last time we all meet and play!


  1. What are you taking at Art Unraveled? I looked for DJ Pettit in the classes but she isn't teaching this time.

  2. They just posted the class list the other day -- still waiting cause they said there would be more by the 15th. Since they don't open envelopes for registration until the 30th I will wait to send it in after the 15th. I think the way they do the registration sucks though -- it is by random envelope order, not postmarked. So even if you sign up the first day you might still not get the class you want. I sort of wish they would go online for registration -- I think it is more fair to get what you want if you sign up first. Oh well, it is what it is.

  3. This looks interesting. Can't wait to hear how it went.

    1. I have actually decided not to go but am taking online classes from the people who interested me instead. Even though I love in person art classes, I decided I didn't want to go to Phoenix in August again (did it a couple years ago and I just do not do well with 110 degrees!)... and this way I can take more online stuff from the people who inspire me and have it here with all my stuff. And this way my craft paints won't explode in my suitcase! (At least I had put them into a baggie cause I read about that happening to other people!)


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