Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Rainy Day...

Another rainy day in Sacramento... a good day to work on (again) the reorganization of my art room. After I put all my art stuff into the closet thinking it would be easy to get to there Pandora (the black cat) had to be isolated from the other cats who were beating her up so my art room became her room and then it was mpossible to get into the closet. So yesterday I brought everything out and traded the art cabinets with some of the fabric bins I do not use on a daily basis. Today I will finish rearranging so that I actually have space to work again.
The problem is that I do 2 activities that both have a lot of stuff associated with them and I want to be able to access it all in this tiny space. NOT going to happen, so I had to re-evaluate and make it work better for me (again).
Today outside the front door:

Rainy day
The oranges this year are so tiny. I hope they are still sweet and not bitter like we have had in past years when they were small. I guess we didn't give them enough water at the crucial time. In the years we water them right they are large and delicious. I may pick a few today and check them out.

Oranges in the rain

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