Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why I like Art Journaling

Since it is a New Year I thought I would get down a few thoughts about WHY I like to work in my Art Journal. The reasons change over time but here are the ones that are on the front burner at the moment:
I art journal as a way of experimenting with ideas and techniques.
I art journal to express and process my feelings.
I art journal to use supplies I haven't used in a while.
I art journal to allow myself to fail. (although that is a hard one for me and I want to work on that a lot more this year)
I art journal to learn about myself.

When I travel I also like to use my art journal as a travel diary. It didn't work last summer because I got so caught up in having to blog about my trip so between that and the actually traveling I never had time to do art. I think next time will be easier. That was the first time I had traveled with my Netbook and I think I have some ideas for how to lessen the online time and do a little more journaling when I travel next time. Only way to tell is to get out there and try it!

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