Sunday, January 15, 2012

Old Favorites and a New One...

Yesterday and today I have been looking at some art and videos by some of my favorite art journalists. Some of them I have been lucky enough to take workshops with (so inspiring!) and others I look at from afar but all inspire me and motivate me to create more.

I have many, many favorites but for now, here are 4 of them:

Juliana Coles website and her Institute for Extreme Journalism website.
Juliana Coles You Tube Channel.

Teesha's website which includes her amazing journals.
Teesha's techniques videos page.

Traci's blog.
Traci's You Tube techniques channel.

The above three I have taken workshops with. The next one I recently discovered and enjoy seeing her Inspiration Wednesday videos.

Donna's webpage.
Donna's Inspiration Wednesday videos.

Spent some of this morning still playing with Pinterest and looking at the above websites and other journaling pages on the Internet.

But my main task for the rest of this weekend is to continue reworking my art room (well art and everything else!) into a better usable space.
Today's goal: take everything out that is on the floor and clear off my work table.
Here's why:

work table somewhere


Desk before

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