Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainy Sunday and finding a stash of old inks...

It is one of those gray days that I am glad to be inside and putting more of my art supplies away. In fact, this morning I found a whole box of old inks and liquid acrylic paints that I knew I had but wasn't sure where they were...

Old inks.jpg

So I spent some of the morning testing out each one and logging it (guess that is the science side of me) so I would know what I had before I went and bought more (which I almost did when I saw a couple of online sales but thought, well maybe some of my old inks are still good... and a lot of them were)!

Ink tests.jpg

And this is where they will live... (those are Twinkling H2Os in the other box):

Ink home.jpg

And THIS is my art room organization best friend:

Label maker.jpg